mOOn Z desert edition

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This is the mOOn Z desert edition.

mOOn Z is a new kind of value increasing physical art investment and now available as marked and numbered time limited desert edition.

mOOn Z was created with the help of Cuda Satoki A. I. by Tsuki D Sureiyā.

The mOOn Z desert edition rethinks everything about art investment and is first of its kind in a row of future releases.

It represents simplicity in an artistic ease.

mOOn Z is the first artwork which actually pays you, effortlessly.

The mOOn Z desert edition will be available during lunation 1195 at 19:30 (Europe), August 7 and ending during lunation 1199 at 07:58 (Europe), December 4. The edition is limited by the number of mOOn Z sold during those 4 lunations and never reprinted as desert edition.

Bit count::: MIN 100PX wide and 100PX high.

Measurement in centimeter::: MIN 10CM wide and 10CM high.

Material::: Fine denim.

Frame::: Cut denim seem.

Marked::: Marked and numbered with additional paint.

Price::: Starting at 2€.

Increase::: 10% of the base value every year.

First cashout::: Possible after one year.

International shipping::: 4€ /// Retoure is up to the customer.

EXAMPLE::: Ariel from Australia has bought 500€ worth of mOOn Z. After 13 years she wants to buy herself a new Nintendo Switch . She decides to send the mOOn Z back to us and gets in return 1150€.

The math::: 500€ base value plus 13 years of 50€ value increase add up to 1150€. If she considers shipping to and from australia to be 4€ each, she finalizes a win of 642€ after 13 years.

The mOOn Z will ship flat or folded. Since the edition size and production of the moon Z will be finalized after the sale is complete, please allow a little extra time for shipping. We estimate that orders will ship within 4 - 6 weeks of the sale, if not sooner.

mOOn Z is registered to your name and its value increases with the day of purchase.

In the case of transfer of mOOn Z to another subject please register the new mOOn Z holder with us to ensure high security.

*Legal Disclosure::: This is the first phase of an art project called '''ENDLESS RAIN''' created to increase the wealth of people who want to participate. mOOn Z is subject to change. mOOn Z is represented by Tsuki D Sureiyā and KONGXIANG©. mOOn Z is an art project and therefore not accountable for any legal issues. In the case of certain events Tsuki D Sureiyā and KONGXIANG© remain the right to act accordingly, like to call back mOOn Z with full refund of the base value.