iau mOOnmOnchi°

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iau mOOnmOnchi°

After the creations of the Light-bringer manifested by Tsuki D Sureiyā, iau mOOnmOnchi° is now available as signed and numbered time-limited edition of hand-made mini sculptures.

iau mOOnmOnchi° is created to help mankind train and advance their subconscious mind. With the help of selected qualities, each mOOnmOnchi° can function as a superior device. Each sphere (ear) works as a memorial touch point.

Simply touch every single one of the outer spheres (ears) as often as you notice the iau mOOnmOnchi° in your hand. While touching transfer the qualities of the mOOnmOnchi° by speaking them in your mind or out loud. Internalize each quality in your heart and act upon it.

The iau mOOnmOnchi° has these 3 qualities:::


iau mOOnmOnchi° will be available during lunation 1194 for 24 hours starting at 23:38 (Europe) on Tuesday, July 16 and ending at 23:38 (Europe) on Wednesday, July 17. The edition is limited by the number of mini sculptures sold during those 24 hours and never redone as a hand-made.

Bit count::: The packaging is created with bit art.

Measurement in centimeter::: 3CM thick and 9CM high.

Material::: Polylactide with neodym iron core.

Frame::: Boxed.

Signed::: Signed and numbered on the bottom of the box by Tsuki D Sureiyā.

Price::: 433€

This mini sculpture will ship boxed. Since the edition size and production of the mini sculpture will be finalized after the sale is complete, please allow a little extra time for shipping. We estimate that orders will ship within 6 - 7 weeks of the sale, if not sooner.