Welcome to the CLAN! The CLAN is a vision that brings the people of the world together so they can enjoy themselves.

Should I pay to join the CLAN?
Since the beginning the aim of the CLAN has been to give seekers of wisdom the essential foundation that keeps them up-to-date with what is happening in the illusionary world and help how to find the reality behind the illusion.

For me the CLAN is about being able to get everything you need to know about this illusion and the life throughout the whole creation in one place.
We want to do more and we want to do it better. This is an illusion we exist in, let it be the best it could be. ~🌙

Members of the CLAN will receive hints which will enable believers to surpass themselves and reach the next age of mankind. Members of the CLAN will gain access to see the reality behind the illusion. Maybe even overcome DEATH!!!

A CLAN member will get one homework assignment per month.

A CLAN member has to complete the homework assignment or will be expelled.

A CLAN member will be able to order one item of their choice per month.

e.g. a print or a t-shirt for 0.01€! All other items priced as listed!

From now on all items will be exclusive for members of the CLAN only!!!

A CLAN member will not pay for shipping.

A CLAN member can be expelled from the CLAN without reason.

A CLAN membership is for ONE YEAR and will NOT continue automatically.

If you feel like this is something you want to try. Feel free to purchase a membership and send us a SHORT! motivational letter why you want to join the CLAN and what you could do for the CLAN.

If you are not selected to enter the CLAN your membership fee will be refunded.

If you are selected, the CLAN membership is refundable until the first item is ordered and/or the first homework assignment is received.


As always the first rule of the CLAN is:


*the C in CLAN is for MOONSHINE*